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phwoar_muse's Journal

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All posts must contain an image of Muse, or individual members if you so wish. Maybe even Tom Kirk? If you want to post news etc. Try nature_1 or museband. If it's smut you're after, get lost to museslash, you filthy thing, you!

Please try to post full sized images. If you want to post icons, go to __museicons for that! If posting more than one image, or a large image. Please use the LJ-Cut tag.

DO NOT link directly to images on other people's servers unless you have their permission to do so! Upload the images to your own web space. It would also be nice if you could credit where possible. Thank you, that's not so difficult is it?

These communities are also worth a visit;
  • old_skool_muse - for reminiscing.

    Individual Member Communities;
  • For your daily dose of gay; domofmuse.
  • For your daily dose of a real man; chrisofmuse.
  • And, for your daily dose of pretentious bollocks; mattofmuse.